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With The Song: Wake up, ….the Devil is at your door

The band is a band of one, I write, play, sing, record and produce everything myself.
I´m an Irish guy, living just outside of Stockholm. I’m BASically a bass player, but as you can hear, I play guitar and try to sing also. I play in different groups but my solo stuff is all mine.
I feel the need to write music, it’s something that gnaws away inside of me. I find it both relaxing and compulsive. I play guitar every day, sometimes only for a few minutes, but I´m always trying to find something new, something different or some way of expressing a thought, an opinion or an emotion.

Being Irish and politically interested, I feel for the Palestinians. All Irish people do. We see the parallels in our history with what the Palestinians are going through today. We are proof that you can come out the other side stronger, but unfortunately no one knows how long or how dark the road is.

I take part in the protest marches when I can, sometimes with my children or friends, but it is always the same, my blood boils inside, I feel enormous frustration at how the political elite of Europe and North America appear to be bought by Israeli money, their inaction screaming at us, their complicity mocking us.

This song came about with the thought of creating a chant for the marches. The lyrics are very straightforward, cutting, finger-pointing as all protest songs should be. The music is simple so even beginners can play it on guitar – I included the chords under the video on YouTube. The song can even be sung over a marching drum, maybe a bit like “We will rock you” or a tribal Shaman or Celtic Druid.  I would like the song spread and sung with venom…the DEVIL is at our door, the children of the Devil SHALL carry this shame for generations.

The first three verses are about what is happening in Gaza, unfortunately I could have written so many more. The last verse is about the future. The Devil is going to be buried and his children, the ones who do his bidding, will carry the shame because they have taken part also, in their own way.


I´ve recorded the song on an old Tascam 8- channel mixer. What this means is that you have eight tracks to play with, so I had a backing drum on one track, two rhythm and two lead guitars, all playing off each other, bass, voice, and one  “other” track for another lower voice, the house keys, the knocking etc. I am more concerned with capturing an idea at a moment, as an artist might sketch a scene, rather than super arranging, mixing, over-dubbing etc. This can take place in a different environment. The job I do with my little Tascam is to put the foundation in place so that I remember it for future use and to capture the essence of that particular work.  I think I have done a good job here. I put together a video with the text of the song, to enforce the message and not to have any distractions. The last clip in the video is a visualisation that I found on the net, I do not know who the artist / creator is unfortunately.

Song Title: Wake up, ….the Devil is at your door

Wake up, ….the Devil is at your door – Mondegreen Bees


(Song opens with sound of house keys being shaken – a symbol in Palestine)


Wake up, wake up, the Devil is at your door,

Wake up, wake up, the Devil’s coming back for more,

Now he’s making his plans, while he’s stealing your lands, like before.

He push you aside, the World Police by his side, like cheap whores.


Wake up, wake up, the Devil shoot you down again,

Wake up, wake up, the Devil gets the guns from his friends,

Yeah, the Stars and Stripes of David are there to be seen,

The silence of politicians, blatantly SCREAMS


Wake up, wake up, the Devil burn the hospital bed,

Wake up, wake up, he shoots the people that just want to be fed,

And he blames all his woes, on people that hide in the ground,

And he answers them all, by shooting women and children down.


Wake up, wake up, the world starts to see your face,

Wake up, wake up, your children gotta live with disgrace,

See the time is coming, the tide is turning now,

And we’re putting the Devil, down in a hole in the ground.

Wake up, wake up, wake up before it’s too late.