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With The Song: Palestine

SMG or Snayper Music Group is a Palestinian Music Group. Formed in 2021 by the two Gazan artist D.O.N. and Ashayer. The purpose of this group is to highlight the daily struggle and resistance of our Palestinian people.

The song is meant to spread knowledge about Palestine and what the palestinian people go through.

Song Title: Palestine

Palestine – Snayper


(Arabic poetry about Palestine before verse 1)


[Verse 1]

Got a lot of things on my mind 

Big dreams ahead so am always on my grind 

Trapping all day and rapping all night 

Messing with my crew (Palestine) and I be ready to fight 

I’m a young bull like you freaking see 

Fools trying to imitate but they can’t be 

The D to the O to the N that’s me 

Gaza boy and I be running these streets 

Screaming Falastin until my people are free

United we stand for the olive tree 

From Haifa to Yaffa to Urshalim (Jerusalem)

Al-Quds in Arabic you know the real deal 

And like a storm, we will come and make you feel 

For what you stole and for what you plan to steal 

The food, the clothes, nothing about you is real 

You better be ready because the end is near


(Arabic poetry about Palestine before verse 2)


[Verse 2 in Arabic, English translation below]

Oh my country, my love for you is from the heart

Since a young age, you run through my blood 

So don’t give up, God is with you 

And your victory is coming

In the hands of your people 

Like Isa the son of Mary and his companions in the end 

Peace will be brought all over the land

The land of peace, the land of sacrifice 

You are beautiful, my country, you are beautiful 

From your tiny villages to your big cities 

And I’m telling you that we will return one


With knowledge and resistance to build you 

I will give my life to see you flourish once again 

Oh my homeland, oh my mother Palestine 


(Arabic poetry about Palestine to end)