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With The Song: I Don’t Wanna (Watch the World Burn)

BAQ (pronounced like Bach, but better) is a Philadelphia-based musician originally from Minnesota. With a degree in film writing and a masters in musical theater writing, BAQ creates music that intends to break apart the roles and norms of American society concerning things like gender, sexuality, and consumerism. Their alt/synth-pop sound hopes to create songs with enough pop appeal to entertain any listener, but enough intrigue to leave a hopefully meaningful impression.

Their musical inspirations come from David Bowie, ABBA, Billy Joel, Jeremy Messersmith, Oliver, and The Eurovision Song Contest. Other than music, BAQ has written and directed original plays off-Broadway, graphic novels, screenplays, and the Eurovision-related publication “EuroQuision.”

I’m BAQ, and I’m an American citizen. My role in the ongoing suffering of innocent people is neither oppressor or oppressed; I am complicit — uniquely horrible in its own way. Every American, whether they’re aware of it or not, has contributed in some way to the very crisis we are pleading comes to an end. A responsibility that comes from this is unlearning the ways our habitual consumerism and participation in capitalism funds the death and oppression of Palestinians. Many people around the world (not just Americans) spend their lives thinking of reasons to remove themselves from meaningful change or action. How many excuses can we make? How much longer do we think our problems on this side of the planet possibly outweigh the suffering we’ve allowed to happen? And to some, the solution is to watch it all burn — but should we?

Song Title: I Don’t Wanna (Watch the World Burn)

I Don’t Wanna (Watch the World Burn)- BAQ

I don’t wanna go to Target

If the check out line’s too long

I don’t wanna say you’re right

I don’t wanna say I’m wrong

But every night

I lie awake

Aching bones

All about to break

I don’t wanna

Be alive

If that means you

Have to die

I don’t wanna

Watch the world burn

Cuz I don’t wanna 

Listen to it scream

Spread the ashes, pay your taxes

What else can you do?

I don’t wanna waste my time

Knowing I’m not gonna win

Every day I wake up

I just wanna peel off all my skin

I don’t wanna tip a driver

I don’t wanna die

Pick a smaller, bluer fire

Get burned every time

…is something burning?

I don’t wanna

Watch the world burn

I don’t wanna

Listen to it scream

Spread the ashes, pay your taxes,

What else can you do?

How many people have I

Brought to an end? Will I

Be left for dead? What if I

Go to sleep and never wake?

How many children have I

Paid for their coffin? Will I

Shut up more often? Will I

Pay for every life I take?

I don’t wanna

Watch the world burn

Cuz I don’t think we’ll

Make it out in time

So are you gonna

Watch the world burn?

Are you gonna

Listen to it scream?

Please, please don’t make me

Burn the world down

Cuz I can’t afford to

Pay for all these graves

Can you smell the

World is burning

Can’t you hear the

M*****f**** screams?

I don’t wanna go to Target

If the check out line’s too long