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With The Song: Calling out for peace

General Knas is a reggae artist from Sweden that has been active since 1999. I have been an activist for a free Palestine since I can remember. Worked and lived seven months in a Palestinian refugee camp. Part of Ship to Gaza/Freedom Flotilla 2010. The song is produced and released by Evidence Music. 

The song is a reggae tune about the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Besides condemning the atrocities committed by the occupation it has kind of a motivational feel to it, describing how people all over the world go to the streets in solidarity with Palestine. We hope it can help strengthen the resistance. 

Song Title: Calling out for Peace

Calling out for peace – General Knas


Warning warning  fascist tun up

Warning warning people fed up

Warning warning

Warning warning

(Chorus. )

I hear the people calling, calling out for peace

Calling out for justice in the Middle East

Free Palestine we go the streets

Calling murder and Violence fi cease

(1. verse. )

Nah support Genocide in Zion 

Little but we tough like lion

Hard we go rough like iron

Nah support no genocide in Zion

Long time we go warn them

Finish up the war them

Boycott them who arm them

General inform them

Long time we warn them

Done with the war them

people keep calling 

Inshallah this morning

Thousand thousand thousand thousand we are millions millions civilians 

England Sweden Jamaican all are Palestinians


(2. verse.)

Until the philosophy with hold one race superior 

And another inferior in an apartheid regime

Concentration camps colonial scheme

Rise up stand strong stand in solidarity

The whole a we are one so we walk in unity 

Me no matter where you from stand for humanity

From the river to the sea Palestine shall be free 

From the river to the sea Palestine shall be free 

Cut off the water say them cut down the trees


War crimes don’t let them succeed

No justice no peace 



bombs keeps falling war over Gaza

children crying such a disatser

who is the bossman who is the master

why no one stop it give me an answer

The world keeps burning turning much faster

Mothers crying yearning for answer

No more tears now no more laughter

Time is now nothing comes after