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With The Song: El Afilador (The Sharpener)

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Las Marikarmen is a feminist and queer collective that mixes music, performance and experiences of living together. It arises out of the rural areas of Collserola (Barcelona) and aspires to give space to dissident identities everywhere. We organize ourselves communally and bring this concept to the stage, where we all sing, dance, play instruments, do performance, video…  In the house of Marikarmen we have our mother Lady Marikarmen, great pioneer in the transfeminist world. After her death we want to honor her legacy and continue her struggle: the embrace of ancient forms of queer lives that have been eradicated, as we destroy the hetero-patriarchy, cis-normality and forced gender binary.

Victoria Sickness (Leganés): tenor sax, voice, acrobatics, management

Contàmina Perpétua (Planet X): baritone sax, trumpet, voice, lights, video, graphics
Hipogrifa (Vitoria-Gasteiz): clarinet, voice, twerking

El Afilador is the Spanish name for the artisans who still push their carts through the city offering to sharpen kitchen knives. We spun a fantastical story about a person who takes the elevator down in her pajamas to sharpen not her knives nor her machete, but her nails, singing in flamenco style: “whoever messes with us will have problems.” The song was written as a response to attacks on LGBTQ+ and racialized people and applies to all anti-colonial struggles. 

The grotesque aesthetic is Las Marikarmen’s signature queer cyberpunk, an irreverent blend of modern Spanish urban grunge with life in a rural community.


While we don’t expect a large audience to understand our music, we nevertheless whole-heartedly support the struggle for a free Palestine, Yemen, Sudan, Kurdistan, Uyghur, Catalunya, Euskal Herria, Andalucia, Galicia, Native Americans, etc. and the right to return to one’s confiscated lands. The hetero-patriarchy that oppresses us as dissidents is directly related to capitalism, which relies on colonialism to function. Fighting this industrial military complex with the only weapons we wield well – music and performance – is what motivates all of our work.

Song Title: El Alfilador (The Sharpener)

El Alfilador (The Sharpener) – Las Marikarmen


Quien se meta con nosotres…

tendrá problemas… (x3)


Quien se meta con nosotres…

los tiros vuelan… (x3)


Las Marikarmen

Quien se meta con nosotres

Trendrá problemas, pr-pr-pr-problemas


Reshuleo, vasileo, salimo de roneo

mete el bafle en el coche que hoy hay parkineo

modelito bien freskito enseña totito

dónde vamo, dónde estamos, nos hemos perdío



Las almendras marcan, cuadradas levantan, ballerina raja y stiletto clava (x2)

Estoy en mi piso y pasa el afilador

ella está en pijama y baja en el ascensor

“No llevo cuchillos, no llevo navajas

afílame las uñas que mi sugar me lo paga”


Quien se meta con nosotres…

tendrá problemas…


Hemos llegao a unas kelis, menuo poderío

Mucho money mucho cash, ki vamoa roba

drone, cámara, kiero ese vestío

de vuelta a la rave llegamo en un navío





English translation


Whoever messes with us…

will have problems…


Whoever messes with us…

the shots fly…


Las Marikarmen

Whoever messes with us

will have problems…, pr-pr-pr-problems


Beautiful, gyrating, out on the town

Put the speaker in the car cuz there’s a parking-lot-party today

The little model shows everything

Where are we going, where are we, we got lost



Almond-eyes mark, squares lift,

Ballerina slits and stilettos nail (x2)
I’m in my apartment and the sharpener passes

She’s in pajamas and goes down in the elevator

“I don’t carry knives, I don’t carry razors

“Sharpen my nails, my sugar will pay it”


Whoever messes with us…

will have problems…


We reached some kelis, what power

Lots of money, lots of cash, let’s go steal

Drone, camera, I want that dress

Back to the rave we arrive on a ship