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With The Song: Flowers Will Bloom ft. Aksnra

Based in Bukittinggi, Indonesia, Nefe Euri started his musical journey as a solo independent
artist in March 2019. Fusing spokenwords with atmospheric ambient textures while also
influenced by many other genres such as cinematic music, post-rock, and melodic hardcore,
Nefe Euri’s music resonates with deep, thought-provoking messages, inviting listeners to
explore realms where every note tells different stories.
The root idea of Nefe Euri’s music is to serve as a voice for the things that are left unspoken.
It revolves around things that he experienced himself or things he observed around him. He
realized that not every person has the ability to freely and openly express their emotions or
address their problems. There, Nefe Euri tries to represent those aspectsin his music forthose
in need, including himself, since he is also not a really outspoken person when it comes to his
own feelings. The born of Nefe Euri itself originated from his grief over his late father, who
passed away in December 2018, which everyone can see and hear in his first single, “Grys”.
Nefe Euri is also a fiction writer and a photography-videography enthusiast. Thus, he aims to
bring all of these elements together in his releases, believing the combination of those all will
be a perfect medium for him to express his thoughts and feelings. He too, loves to experiment
with various styles and instruments to create something new and offer different shades of
colors and atmosphere with each track.
Nefe Euri describes himself briefly as “One who lives amongst the clouds and makes noises”.
Someone who inhabits the clouds of his own imagination and thoughts, and translates them
into the form of sound and visuals.

“Flowers Will Bloom” represents our sorrow regarding what happening in Gaza, Palestine,
especially the children there. About how they lost their life, their family, their home, their
friends, and how their dreams have been destroyed. However, despite all of these
unimaginable sufferings, we believe that there’s still hope remains in the heart of every
Palestinian. Yes, their hope—the thing that can never be taken away from them—and we
released “Flowers Will Bloom” to symbolize it, to show the world about it. About their
braveness. About their faith. We want to show the world that nothing can justify any of
Israel’s evil actions. Nothing can justify this genocide. We want to show that Palestine is not,
and will never be alone.
I started “Project: Flowers Will Bloom” at the beginning of November last year, driven by my
sorrow over the dystopian conditions unfolding in Gaza. Driven by the powerless feeling
that crawled upon my chest and the overwhelming sense of desperation that filled my
thoughts at that time.
It was all pain watching the news and updates about Gaza every day since October 7. I could
barely finish reading the news most of the time because the more I found out about what
was happening, the more the weak feeling dominated me. I felt like I couldn’t do anything
about it. Even at one point, I started to avoid the updates about Gaza because I could no
longer bear the pain. But it was like something you couldn’t escape. No matter how hard I
tried to avoid the news, I always found myself encountering updates on the internet and
other sources. The news came to me—the pictures, the videos, and everything else. At that
point, I realized that it kept coming to me because it was really happening right there, right
It was the thing that finally led me to learn more about the topic. I read lots of news and
articles, sought more proof and evidence, and gathered perspectives from both sides, just
so I could gain a better understanding. It was through this exploration that I found ‘’the
clarity”. Not the clarity that I understand about the entire history, but rather a clarity about
how one can either complicate or not complicate the issue at all. And no, it’s not by ignoring
the facts. It’s definitely not. Instead, it’s really by relying on the facts.
We can stop complicating it by looking at the fact that a fully armed military group is killing
thousands of people day by day. We can stop complicating it by asking ourselves one simple
question: “Can it be justified?”, and we know the answer is “No”. It cannot be justified for
whatever reason. It cannot be justified under any circumstances. Nothing can justify the
sufferings of The Palestinians.

It was also the thing that made me realize that keeping in silence is not an option. That
everyone can do something. That I can do something about this. Speak out, donate, or
anything else. Because in this situation, I believe that every little thing matters and every
voice counts—even the quietest one. Thus, I decided to start this project because music is
probably the most powerful medium I have at the time to show the world what is actually
happening there, and to send support to my Palestinian brothers and sisters.
I completed all the concepts within the first 10 days of November and then spent the next
10 days producing the instrumentation. On November 20, after finishing the instrumental,
the first thing I did was message Dill, inviting her to collaborate with me by creating the
illustration for the song. Yes, the initial idea already consisted of collaborating with an
illustrator and a vocalist. Dill was also one of a few reasons that strengthened my desire to
start this project, because she has been making illustrations and sharing the news about
Gaza far more before this project began, and one of her illustrations successfully opened up
my eyes and my heart about this entire situation. And receiving Dill’s reply later, stating that
she was willing to collaborate felt like a blessing for me.
Later, after looking for a vocalist for quite some time, I finally contacted Aksnra on Nov 29. I
feel like this song needs that kind of hauntingly beautiful vocals on top of it, and Aksnra has
that kind of vocals. We spent just under a month on the entire vocal production process,
and Aksnra’s vocals surpassed my expectations. Far beyond my expectations. Her approach
to the vocal lines and the maturity in her voice add more depth to the song. Aksnra truly
completed the missing puzzle of the song.
As I’ve mentioned before, working with Dill and Aksnra has been a blessing. We share the
same spirit and vision, and we are all pouring our hearts into this project. Despite having to
do it all online because we live in different cities each other, everything going flawlessly,
except for one moment when I got a health problem in December 2023 that led us to the
delayed release of the song. The song and the official illustrated video were finally released
globally on Feb 7, three months after the project started. We also agreed to donate all the
profits generated from the streams and purchases of this song to Palestine.
Not only is “Flowers Will Bloom” a manifestation of our support for Palestine, but it also
serves as a call to those who may not yet be aware or are still contemplating their stance.
We wanted to show them that we can care about this issue without needing extensive
reasons because the reason is already there: that we are all human. It’s not about religion,
race, or nationality anymore. It’s just about being a human in its basic form with basic
human instinct that we feel hurt watching innocents get murdered and followed by
unimaginable suffering to the rest of them. That we feel the pain watching countless of
children get slaughtered every day and the rest of them have to see their future shattered in
front of their eyes.
“Flowers Will Bloom” was created for Palestine, but we believe this song can also stand up
against every kind of human cruelty in this world. The flowers will bloom, the truth will
prevail, their hope, our hope will breathe life into reality, and any action driven by hatred
will never triumph over love. Love will win at the end of the day!

Song Title: Flowers Will Bloom

Flowers Will Bloom ft. Aksnra – Nefe Euri 


In the sight of your little eyes
And in front of your weary face
The city burned into ashes
And the dust covered every space

Your shaky legs are struggling to run
Yet the smoky sky is hiding the sun
But believe that flowers will bloom
Wiping out all the gloom

Dear, when there’s no place to hide
Take the sky as your shelter
And let us be your soldiers
That speak louder and louder
We won’t be silent until the only thing that wakes you up is the bird singing of your
beautiful soul
No longer the sound of the explosion and the sound of falling debris
We’ll make them listen, make them feel, make them open their eyes to see
That no one should be living in fear
That no heart should be bleeding from all of this relentless agony
That everyone deserves to be free

For every tear that’s shed
And every dream that shattered
You really have to know
That you’ll never be alone
That you’ll never be alone

‘Cause God will always be there
And listen to every prayer
And your brave heart won’t betray
Love will win at the end of the day