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With The Song: Demonize Dehumanize

Proletarian Poetry is an electronic, political music project based in Gothenburg with lyrics that depict the world we live in and take a stand. 

The original line-up of Proletarian Poetry in the 1990s was based in Jämtland in the northern parts of Sweden and was involved in local bands such as The Abnormalized (belongs to “the county’s rock heroes”, according to the local press). Proletarian Poetry was recreated in autumn of 2023 and released the first two songs in February and March 2024. The first EP entitled The World We Live In will be released later this spring. 

One of the songs on the EP is Demonize Dehumanize which is about Israel’s attack on Gaza. Other songs are about Iraq, Western Sahara, war profiteers and Sweden’s shift from being a voice of peace to being a member of a military alliance.

There are many artists who have expressed their support for Gaza, but there are not that many who have made songs that clearly takes a stand against the war and openly tells what it is about. 

Due to the ongoing genocide in Gaza, it was unthinkable not to write a song in solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian people.

The song title Demonize Dehumanize refers to the demonization and dehumanization to which the residents of Gaza and the entire Palestinian people are subjected, which has resulted in the ongoing genocide.

The text summarizes some of the dire statements made by Israeli officials, depicts the ongoing humanitarian disaster and highlights the necessity of an end not only to the war but to the occupation itself.

Song Title: Demonize Dehumanize

[The Israeli version]

We are fighting human animals, 

Let’s nuke them, destroy, wipe them out

No-one is innocent, the targets are everywhere

No ceasefire, no ceasefire, let’s wipe them out

Demonize – Dehumanize  


[The reality]

No water, no food, nowhere to hide

Hospitals and schools are blown to pieces 

UN workers, journalists, no one is safe 

It’s becoming a graveyard for children

Demonize – Dehumanize 


Oppression and war crimes, decades of impunity 

Speak up for human rights!

It’s a textbook case of genocide

Speak up for human rights – end the occupation!

Demonize – Dehumanize