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With The Song: If

The music is rhythmic, alternative, serious, subtle and whimsical.

Ballads, rock, instrumental, spoken word, a little jazz.

Music with attitude and scratchy – but also poetic – lyrics with a twinkle in the eye.

Laid back music with a foot that tilts.

Music worth listening to.

And think about it.

And laugh at.

Original, whimsical, subtle, provocative, poetic, funny/ironic as well as anarchist and anti-authoritarian in a – as well as – the living room way.

The Mes is social indie.

The song “If”  is in the same philosophy as “Give peace a chance”.

Ordinarry people don’t want war. The wars are caused by unscrupulous powersick leadres with no consious.

And every stranger is a friend.

Song Title: If

If – The Mes

(Music: Steen Madsen, Lyrics: Erik Herss)


They’re the good guys, so they say

Starting wars that always pay
They keep killing for the peace

But the bombing never cease


If it could be
Like it should be

Then it would be

Like it should

If it would be 

Like it should be

Then it could be 

Like it should


War is terror, war’s a crime
Shaking hands should be the prime

Peaceful living is the way
We don’t need to go astray


War is terror, peace a must
We want leaders we can trust
Every stranger is a friend
Love’s the answer in the end