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AfterpartyAngel is Icelandic angelic post-punk-avant-pop project of performance and visual artist Elísabet Birta Sveinsdóttir. Initiated by making sound for performance work, AfterpartyAngel is torn between the angelic mission and earthly indulgence.
Angel’s moody electronic debut EP “Death Presence” released in 2020 and a second EP, the psychedelic trip-hop album “Keepers” released on Heavy Knife Records in 2024 with more of Angels favorites, existential bodies, othered desires, disney-dreamy nostalgia and after-party rawness.

I’m an author composer. I play the guitar and piano and I sing.

BAQ (pronounced like Bach, but better) is a Philadelphia-based musician originally from Minnesota. With a degree in film writing and a masters in musical theater writing, BAQ creates music that intends to break apart the roles and norms of American society concerning things like gender, sexuality, and consumerism. Their alt/synth-pop sound hopes to create songs with enough pop appeal to entertain any listener, but enough intrigue to leave a hopefully meaningful impression.

Their musical inspirations come from David Bowie, ABBA, Billy Joel, Jeremy Messersmith, Oliver, and The Eurovision Song Contest. Other than music, BAQ has written and directed original plays off-Broadway, graphic novels, screenplays, and the Eurovision-related publication “EuroQuision.”

Betelgeuse is a grunge artist from the north of Italy, right under the Alps. Inspired by both bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Bikini Kill and his local/national folklore (plus an healthy obsession with history), he makes music that tries to be aggressive and political yet traditional as well. He has one EP out and an album coming soon. 

I am Cordelia Fri — a Swedish singer and songwriter from Gothenburg who´s written music for years but only shared it with few — until now. I write music from the depth of my soul and with nature as my biggest influence. Through my songs I want to mediate hope for humanity, the love that bears life and the kindness of trees. My genre may be described as folk/indie/alternative and i write in both swedish and english.

I believe in peace

Though hard it seems

Come and plant a tree

Come and walk with me

Love is all around

Dúo Pepe y Mary, are a dúo originally from Chile but have been living in Stockholm Sweden for many years. Their work in music has always been for and dedicated to international solidarity and with the people fighting for their freedom.

My name is Ellen Andersson but after having performed upstairs at an Irish bar in Stockholm I was known as “Ellen Upstairs” by the regulars and the name stuck with me. I was born in Sweden and learned to play the accordion at 9. After a couple of years I taught myself how to play the guitar, and that’s when I started writing music. When I moved to Chicago to study music, my love for composition truly started to bloom, and I found my own way of expressing how I was feeling about things I struggled to communicate otherwise. I believe that music can make a big difference in the world, as long as people are willing to stop and listen.

Elske & The Vagabonds started their journey in 2019 and the group just keeps growing.  

We are now an independent string-band of five from Helsinki, Finland. 


Vocals & guitar: Elske Seaheart 

Backing vocals: Noora Nurmi

Acoustic guitar: Joakim Lehikoinen

Electric guitar:  Kimmo Lindholm 

Double bass/bass: Mika Lallukka 

Emma Ringqvist is a musician, adventurer and activist who sailed with the Women’s Boat to Gaza in 2016 and on that trip the song that she contributed was created.
She has lived in London for most of her adult life, where she has studied composition and been active in various musical projects over the years.
She writes music, sings and plays guitar.
In recent years, she has moved back to her roots in Gothenburg.
Hand in hand with the music is the interest in sailing and in 2018-19 she was out on a long solo voyage down to the South Atlantic. Much of the time at sea was spent making music. 

As an artist, I strive to create music that resonates with emotions and experiences, weaving together intricate melodies and heartfelt lyrics to connect with listeners on a deep level. Drawing inspiration from various genres and influences, I craft songs that reflect personal growth, resilience, and the beauty found in life’s complexities. My artistry is rooted in authenticity, seeking to evoke thought, provoke emotion, and inspire action. Through my music, I aim to spark conversations, ignite imaginations, and ultimately, leave a lasting impact on those who listen.

Mariam and Frida are both from Farsta in southern Stockholm, Sweden. Justice and equality are important values ​​to both of them and they are passionate about creating a more inclusive world. Mariam is Palestinian herself and the struggle for Palestine has always been present for both of them.

General Knas is a reggae artist from Sweden that has been active since 1999. I have been an activist for a free Palestine since I can remember. Worked and lived seven months in a Palestinian refugee camp. Part of Ship to Gaza/Freedom Flotilla 2010. The song is produced and released by Evidence Music. 

Halflight is my own personal music project. I’ve played in a few different bands over the years, mostly different death or black metal stuff. And beyond that I’ve played or written music for most of my life.  Since I quit playing in bands a few years ago I started writing music on my own.  I was thinking that I should do a solo project, cause that’s what musicians do after quitting a band, right? But I just never felt the “need” to share it with people outside of some friends and family. I was pretty happy just doing music for myself. This was in fact the first time in a long while that I felt that I wanted to put out my music.  Maybe it can have a positive effect on at least someone. From getting people more aware of the situation in Gaza to giving someone the inspiration to get organized. I felt that I want to do whatever I can In face of the ongoing genocide and music has always been a powerful tool for movements such as ours. So that’s why I’m here. I hope you’ll enjoy my song!

My name is Jonathan Christie and my stage name is JC BIGFOOT. I am a activist for Palestine, a rapper and singer/songwriter. I write songs about social injustice and how we need equality and human rights for all. I have been songwriting for 7 years. 

I have written 2 songs for Palestine to raise awareness and to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. 

I campaign for Palestine in Scotland with the SPSC- scottish Palestine solidarity campaign and I stand with Palestine Everyday.

I perform my Palestinians songs regularly at protests, open mics and sometimes gigs.

The featured artist is Emma grant and her stage name is EMA. She is a very talented vocalist and singer/songwriter also. We met at hip hop school in Aberdeen, Scotland and she is also a supporter of the Palestine cause, the movement for their freedom and helps raise awareness on social media.

My name is Johanna Kroon. I am a socialist and a pacifist. 

My political involvement mostly goes through music and theater and I am convinced that art plays a significant role in politics and people’s endeavor to change society. 

For 12 years I have performed socialist music, both songs from the swedish socialist tradition and my own. “A song for Palestine” was my way of expressing the anger and sadness I felt about the Swedish government’s shameful silence regarding Gaza. When those in power choose silence, the people need to raise their voices. We will scream, cry and demonstrate until the last weapon is laid down.

I am Kirsikka, a class teacher, a singer and songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. I have played in many bands but recently I have started to perform my own composed songs in Finnish language. My journey as a self-publishing artist can be followed in my Instagram account @kirsikka.laulaa .

As a former Eurovision fan I am so happy that you organize this genocide-free Falastinvision! This is so needed! Thank you so much! 🙂

Explosive performances full of surprises –

Las Marikarmen is a feminist and queer collective that mixes music, performance and experiences of living together. It arises out of the rural areas of Collserola (Barcelona) and aspires to give space to dissident identities everywhere. We organize ourselves communally and bring this concept to the stage, where we all sing, dance, play instruments, do performance, video…  In the house of Marikarmen we have our mother Lady Marikarmen, great pioneer in the transfeminist world. After her death we want to honor her legacy and continue her struggle: the embrace of ancient forms of queer lives that have been eradicated, as we destroy the hetero-patriarchy, cis-normality and forced gender binary.

Victoria Sickness (Leganés): tenor sax, voice, acrobatics, management

Contàmina Perpétua (Planet X): baritone sax, trumpet, voice, lights, video, graphics
Hipogrifa (Vitoria-Gasteiz): clarinet, voice, twerking

 Gävlebaserade hiphop-artisten Lil Moe tar ställning och vägrar vara tyst om det pågående kriget i Palestina i sin senaste låt, “F is Real”. Med djärva texter och kraftfulla beats öppnar Lil Moe en konversation om det som ofta förblir tystat.

  Lil Moe, som tidigare har utryckt sig med en freestyle i SR om koranbränningen, ger nu röst åt de som lider i Palestina. Hans låt reflekterar hans personliga synpunkt och uppmanar lyssnare att reflektera över den pågående konflikten.

’’Vår röst ska bli hörd, oavsett vad! Budskapet måste spridas.’’

For the past 12 years, Mary N’Diaye has been the lead singer in the RnB and Funk band Blacknuss.

At the age of 19, Mary studied to become a music producer and songwriter at Musikmakarna in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. That same year, she signed her first publishing contract as a songwriter at BMG Chrysalis and a few years later also an artist contract with Universal Music. Mary has, among other things, toured with world star Akon and been signed to his record company as an artist.

Today Mary has started her own record company RockAfrick Records. She has also studied fashion design and tailoring at Tillskärarakademin and with her great interest in sustainable fashion, she designs and sews stage clothes both for herself and for other artists. Her latest collection SUTURA was showcased at the international fashion show Fashion Weekend Gambia 2023 under the pseudonym DIAYE.

In the spring and autumn of 2023, Mary made her debut as a musical artist in the musical HAIR at Göta Lejon, where she sang the opening number Aquarius, and in the autumn of 2024, Mary is currently in the musical Dream Girls at the China Theater with a leading role. 

Besides Mary’s work on live stages she has recently found a new passion within animated films and made herself a name as a voice actress in various movies and series. One of her bigger roles is the Swedish voice for Thelma The Unicorn that premiers at NETFLIX May 17th.

I am a Syrian-Norwegian activist who’s based in Oslo. Growing up, I’ve learned
to consider the Palestinian case as it is my own . The last 7 months has been
devastating for me. As a person who experienced the brutality of the Syrian
regimes aggression against its own people in Syria back in 2011, I know how it
feels when the whole world is watching the mass killing of your innocent people
without doing anything to stop it. I want it to do what I expected others to do
when I was living under the brutal circumstances similar to what our families in
Gaza are going through. I am not an artist, neither good at writing stuff, In fact I
work in tech. My journey with music started last year after creating a cover for
an islamic song for Maher Zain who inspires me. But I am also a big fan of using
art to cast light on important matters and be the voice for the oppressed
people. I wanted to use my voice to tell the world about how it feels to be
witnessing live broadcasted genocide, while the leaders are doing nada to stop
it. The last months I participated in a lot of activities to support the Palestinian
case, I sang Palestinian songs in demonstrations, and in the streets, and I
participated in a writing workshop for Slam Poetry. I wrote my feelings down, I
then asked musicians who stands on the right side of history if we can turn it to
a song. I was lucky to meet Birk Bream who was very interested in the idea and
we started working on it immediately. We are very happy about our song and
hope all free souls will like it.

Artist Not allowed to compete – Song Not allowed to sing

This artist is missing from FalastinVision.
Due to the silencing and threats on outspoken voices of artistic and cultural resistance this artist was forced to withdraw. This time it was an artist from occupied Palestine and the disappearance of their content is just one example of the systematic silencing of artists and activist all around the world.

FalastinVision is a platform and a voice for the struggle. By supporting FalastinVision you are one of us. This page is a tribute to all artists in the struggle, together we vow to never be quiet.

The band is a band of one, I write, play, sing, record and produce everything myself.
I´m an Irish guy, living just outside of Stockholm. I’m BASically a bass player, but as you can hear, I play guitar and try to sing also. I play in different groups but my solo stuff is all mine.
I feel the need to write music, it’s something that gnaws away inside of me. I find it both relaxing and compulsive. I play guitar every day, sometimes only for a few minutes, but I´m always trying to find something new, something different or some way of expressing a thought, an opinion or an emotion.

Nadia Sadok is a Tunisian-Austrian musician and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to musical diversity. Drawing on her extensive experience in jazz singing and sound engineering, Nadia’s music is a reflection of her multidisciplinary education and artistic growth. Drawing on socio-political discourse and commentary, her compositions provide a platform to challenge societal norms and push for change. From introspective lyrics to captivating melodies, her music offers a glimpse into her passion for addressing urgent social issues. Nadia is also a passionate human rights advocate, and is widely recognized in the Austrian music world for her involvement in events such as FM4’s “Protest Song Contest” in Austria, where she collaborates with other artists to ignite discussions and create a space for meaningful dialogue about equality and justice in the music industry. Although Nadia has studied jazz music for many years, she was aware of the lack of diversity and representation in music academia.

Nadia Sadok is an artist who believes that her voice should be used to amplify the voices of marginalized people and to challenge the norms of society. She believes that through her art and advocacy, she can create meaningful connections and bring about positive change in the music industry and beyond. Nadia Sadok stands out as a trailblazer for creativity and advocacy. She uses her platform to ignite conversations and bring about positive social change.

Based in Bukittinggi, Indonesia, Nefe Euri started his musical journey as a solo independent
artist in March 2019. Fusing spokenwords with atmospheric ambient textures while also
influenced by many other genres such as cinematic music, post-rock, and melodic hardcore,
Nefe Euri’s music resonates with deep, thought-provoking messages, inviting listeners to
explore realms where every note tells different stories.
The root idea of Nefe Euri’s music is to serve as a voice for the things that are left unspoken.
It revolves around things that he experienced himself or things he observed around him. He
realized that not every person has the ability to freely and openly express their emotions or
address their problems. There, Nefe Euri tries to represent those aspectsin his music forthose
in need, including himself, since he is also not a really outspoken person when it comes to his
own feelings. The born of Nefe Euri itself originated from his grief over his late father, who
passed away in December 2018, which everyone can see and hear in his first single, “Grys”.
Nefe Euri is also a fiction writer and a photography-videography enthusiast. Thus, he aims to
bring all of these elements together in his releases, believing the combination of those all will
be a perfect medium for him to express his thoughts and feelings. He too, loves to experiment
with various styles and instruments to create something new and offer different shades of
colors and atmosphere with each track.
Nefe Euri describes himself briefly as “One who lives amongst the clouds and makes noises”.
Someone who inhabits the clouds of his own imagination and thoughts, and translates them
into the form of sound and visuals.

N I T E F I S H & Ellen Flowerhill are two musicians, artists and activists that explore the intersections between punk, hip hop and underground club music, often trying to inject lyrical themes of political resistance, sustainable ecology and anti-capitalism into the dancefloor. N I T E F I S H has recently released the industrial bailefunk track Club Hub about “throwing spears” through oil rigs as well as the dreamy solarpunk anthem “Permaculture Actualized”, and is set to release a new single Mitsubishi Facelift on the 31st of May as the first song in his upcoming solarpunk album “Permaculture Heaven”. The EP is a conceptual release exploring how a fossil capitalist dystopia gives way to a degrowth utopia in a post-apocalyptic world, to fast gabber kick drums, breakbeats and eurotrancs synths. Ellen Flowerhill will be releasing the single “My Love Didn’t Want Me” on the 10th of May with a surrealist DIY video exploring Y2K aesthetics out on the 23rd of May and remixes from several artists from Sweden to Canada and the Netherlands.

Nour Eddin Badra is a 20 year old upcoming artist, rapper, singer and producer located in Sandviken, Sweden with roots in Palestine.

With his smooth production, introspective
lyrics and catchy choruses dabbling in Hip Hop, Rnb and Dancehall. He’s sure to eventually leave his mark in the music industry.

Proletarian Poetry is an electronic, political music project based in Gothenburg with lyrics that depict the world we live in and take a stand. 

The original line-up of Proletarian Poetry in the 1990s was based in Jämtland in the northern parts of Sweden and was involved in local bands such as The Abnormalized (belongs to “the county’s rock heroes”, according to the local press). Proletarian Poetry was recreated in autumn of 2023 and released the first two songs in February and March 2024. The first EP entitled The World We Live In will be released later this spring. 

One of the songs on the EP is Demonize Dehumanize which is about Israel’s attack on Gaza. Other songs are about Iraq, Western Sahara, war profiteers and Sweden’s shift from being a voice of peace to being a member of a military alliance.

Refractory Period is a two girls one beat sapphic synthpop sensation based in NYC.
With influences from bands like Depeche Mode, the Motels, and Eurythmics with just a touch of Gaga,
they’re guaranteed to make you wanna dance the night away!

Smallholder is the musical project of Annie Spencer. Annie is a writer, artist, and scholar-activist from the US who lives in southern Sweden. Their first book How to Break an Addiction: A Method-in-a-Manifesto for Quitting Capitalism will be published in November 2024 by Common Notions Press.

SMG or Snayper Music Group is a Palestinian Music Group. Formed in 2021 by the two Gazan artist D.O.N. and Ashayer. The purpose of this group is to highlight the daily struggle and resistance of our Palestinian people.

Our group is made up of Irish people and Palestinians living in Ireland. Whether through the sense of solidarity through common struggle that Ireland and Palestine have shared for years or through direct ties to the land of Palestine, we’ve all come together to show our solidarity, resist through art and salute the journalists in Palestine who stand up to a military force with a phone, camera or press vest.

The music is rhythmic, alternative, serious, subtle and whimsical.

Ballads, rock, instrumental, spoken word, a little jazz.

Music with attitude and scratchy – but also poetic – lyrics with a twinkle in the eye.

Laid back music with a foot that tilts.

Music worth listening to.

And think about it.

And laugh at.

Original, whimsical, subtle, provocative, poetic, funny/ironic as well as anarchist and anti-authoritarian in a – as well as – the living room way.

The Mes is social indie.

New artist from Stockholm who has been making music for over half his life but started releasing songs officially later in 2023. So far I have only released 3 songs due to work and lack of time.

The mask is directly inspired by the movie “V for Vendetta” and Guy Fawkes and is a way to be anonymous and keep my privacy, but that particular mask symbolizes for me politics, freedom and seeing through the lies of politicians and world leaders and media houses, both in Sweden but worldwide. My music reflects my view of society, which is very left-leaning but at the same time critical of all power in Sweden and the world over, regardless of color and side.

My music is primarily conscious rap/hip-hop and reggae. Actually it was just rap in the beginning and when i was younger, but lately I’m more into reggae and will probably continue to mix with more leaning towards reggae.

The song “Long live Palestine” is the one that has received the most attention so far, but i still haven’t received over 10 thousand streams and have very few followers on social media accounts and very few streams compared to well-known and established artists so i’m still very unknown. But it wont stop me from continuing give new music with message wich stands on the right side of history.

Creative producer from Stockholm doing pop and hiphop. Like to mix different genres and create new sounds.