A Semite refers to people who speak a Semitic language, such as Arabic, Aramaic, Amharic and, Hebrew.

Zionism, originating in the 19th century with Theodore Herzl, is a nationalist and political ideology advocating for the creation of a Jewish state. Today, it supports the continued existence of Israel as such a state in historic Palestine.

Critiquing a state plausibly engaged in genocide isn’t about antisemitism; Israel faces critics not due to its Jewish identity but for its inhumane treatment of Palestinians spanning seven decades.

Al Nakba, meaning “the great catastrophe” refers to the displacement of Palestinians that took place in 1948. Approximately 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes, and roughly 450 Palestinian villages were razed to the ground or taken over by Israeli forces. It is estimated that roughly 12,000 people were killed in direct connection, but Al Nakba has not stopped and is ongoing at the time of writing.

A settler colonial state is a type of colonialism in which the indigenous peoples of a colonized region are displaced by settlers who permanently form a society there. Settler colonialism has led to disproportionate levels of poverty among indigenous people and, in some cases, genocidal tendencies are applied.

An occupying power accused of genocide and committing daily massacres of civilians should not be given access to this platform to whitewash themselves. While the EBU claims not to be political, Israel’s exclusion should be considered based on the same standard applied to other countries, including Russia and Belarus.

BDS stands for freedom, justice, and equality for all and is a Palestinian-led movement fighting for Palestinian human rights. It utilizes boycott, divestment, and sanctions as tools to spread its message and create change.  For more information see links:



Passia is an Educational NGO seeking to present the Palestinian Question in its national, Arab, and international contexts through academic research, dialogue, education, and publication.