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The FalastinVision final will be held the 11th of May in Malmö and we’ll be streaming the whole show. It’s the same date as the Eurovision final so that everyone boycotting it can watch FalastinVision instead. 

The program will start somewhere between 19-20:00 and you’ll be able to see the whole show and vote for your favorite from wherever you’re watching. 

We’ll put up the stream on the main page on this website and also share it on all our platforms so it will be easily accessible for everybody.

Preliminary program:

20.00 Program starts
Interviews with jury members:
– Nattalie Ström Bunpuckdee, Mohamad Kiswani, Sandy Doukhi
Viewing of Moria performance
Release of a new singel for Palestine
Competition starts – voting starts
All finalists videos
⁠Bashar Murad performs
Voting closes
Counting of the votes
Winner presented
⁠DJ duo BLNDNS + dancefloor

Vote at:

FalastinVision will be live streamed on the 11th of May and you can watch from anywhere in the world. Make it a real happening by organizing a watch party and see the whole show in community with others. You’ll find the live stream on our main page!

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Here’s a toolkit for organizers of watch parties:

Toolkit coming soon!

FalastinVision will be live streamed on the 11th of May and you can watch from anywhere in the world. 

Here’s all the watch parties happening around the world

List of watchparties worldwide is updated continuously

Town, Country: Iceland, Reykjavik
Organizer: Julia Mai
Address: Hverfisgata 54, 101 Reykjavik 
Child friendly: Yes

Public: YES 
Social media: @juliamaiart

Registration: No registration required
For those of us in Reykjavík who want no part in the artwashing of genocide, this is an evening to instead meet up and together watch Falastinvision, and show our solidarity with Palestine. The watchparty is held in Bíó Paradís.

Town, Country: Stockholm, Sweden

Organizer: Reclaim Pride Stockholm

Time: 18-02

Adress: Cyklopen, Magelumgsvägen 170

Child friendly: No (age limit 18 years)

Public: YES

Social media: @Reclaimpridestockholm

Registration: Link for registration Reclaim pride Stockholm

Stödfest för Reclaim Pride Stockholm.

Town, Country: Stockholm, Sweden

Organizer: Frihetsteaterns Vänförening/ Teater Tribunalen/ Freedom Theatre

Time: 20:00 –

Address: Teater Tribunalen, Hornsgatan 92

Child friendly: YES

Public: YES, with register in advance

Social media: @frihetsteaterns_vanforening_se


Frihetsteaterns vänner & Teater Tribunalen Bjuder in till streamingfest på Teater Tribunalen av FALASTINEVISION Dessa artister uppträder innan streamingen drar igång: Siam Shurafa Ola Husamou Marit Bergman & Nils Närman Svensson Kom och fira en folkmordsfri festival med oss! BEGRÄNSAT ANTAL PLATSER BOKA DIN PLATS HÄR: Priset bestämmer du själv. Pengarna går till Falastinvision och deras initiativ

Town, Country: Ede, The Netherlands

Address: Private

The first time I watched Eurovision was in 2021 during an ICU shift. I had never watched it before and I was intrigued by the whole queer spectacle of it. Finally sharing this experience of watching together and eating good friends became a goal. And then, lots of things happened. So 2024 is the year I’ll have an Eurovision Party but without genocide.

Town, Country: Sitges, Catalunya,

Organizer: Les Palmeres Roses, Sitges amb Palestina, Ateneu Popular Sitges, No en toquis la Tecla


Address: Ateneu Popular Sitges

Child friendly: YES

Public: YES

Social media: @lespalmeresroses


🍉 FALASTINVISION 🎶 From @lespalmeresroses, @ateneusitges, @noemtoquislatecla and Sitges with Palestine, we are organizing a day of boycotting Eurovision ✊🏼 First we will have a short talk about why LGTBIQ+ entities around the world are calling for a boycott of Eurovision 🏳️‍🌈 Afterwards, we’ll watch @FalastinVision fold live from Malmö, Sweden and vote for our favorites over drinks and snacks! 🍻 ▶️ Entry is free and we will have LGTBIQ+ and Palestinian accessories for sale. All money raised will be sent to families in Gaza 🇵🇸 Open agendas 👇🏼 📆 Saturday April 11 🕖 7 p.m 📍@ateneusitges C/ Pau Barrabeig, 16, Baixos A

Town, Country: Helsingborg, Sweden

Adress: Private

Town, Country: Waterbury, CT, USA

Organizer: Sarah Boucher


Address: 85 Harland Ave

Child friendly: NO

Public: YES

Social media: @thatsixtieskitty

Registration: No registration required

It’s me and my rainbow high Dollie’s

Town, Country: Malmö, Sweden


Gathering with friends

Town, Country: Turku, Finland

Adress: Private

Town, Country: Gothenburg, Sweden

Organizer: Chalmers Social Justice and GU Students for Palestine

Time: 19:00-23:00

Address: Chalmers Tekniska Högskola Johanneberg, entrance from Sven Hultins Gata 6.

Child friendly: YES

Public: YES

Social media: @gustudentsforpalestine

Registration: No registration required

Come watch Falastinvision with students from GU and Chalmers! There will be popcorn, soda and good company. Feel free to bring your own snacks, food and preferably something comfortable to sit on. We will be at Kunskapstrappan in Samhällsbyggnad, 19:00-23:00

Town, Country: Vantaa, Finland


We are having a small family and friend group at our home.

Town, Country: St neots,UK

Organizer: Melina Lafirenze


Address: 27 queens gardens Pe198by

Child friendly: YES

Public: YES

Social media: @melina.lafirenze

Registration: No registration required

Sofas, drinks, crisps, a massive projector.

Town, Country: Degerfors, Sweden

Organizer: Miljöpartiet de Gröna i Degerfors


Address: Råbäck 101, Åtorp

Child friendly: YES

Public: YES, with register in advance

Social media:—

Registration: Contact Johanna at or at 0737-265569

Situated in the eco-village Goda Händer. Watermelon and snacks

Country, Town: Tokyo, Japan

Adress: Private

Watching from home and giving outs points as we like! Some nice snacks and drinks to go with this event

Country, Town: Rovaniemi, Finland

Organizer: Rovaniemi for Palestine


Adress: Lapinkatu 2

Child Friendly: YES

Public: YES

Social media: @roimielenosoitus

Registration: No registration required

We’ll watch the Falastinvision final and enjoy good music and the company of each other while boycotting Eurovision. This is also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new friends. Please bring your own snacks! There will also be a protest against Eurovision in Rovaniemi center, 11.5 at 2pm.

Country, Town: Turku, Finland

Organizer: Turku With Palestine, Turku Book Café

Time: 8:00 PM

Adress: Vanha Suurtori 3, Turku, Finland

Child Friendly: YES

Public: YES

Social media: @turkuwithpalestine, @kirjakahvila

Registration: No registration required

Falastionvision Genocidefree Watchparty @Turku Book Café,. Organizers: Turku With Palestine&Turku Book Café. Join our watchparty to enjoy genocidefree song contest from the big screen and to boycott Eurovision. 🍉Doors at 8pm(EET) 🍉free admission, no age limit 🍉vegan café 🍉venue is not accessible. More info: IG: @turkuwithpalestine, @kirjakahvila

Country, Town: Rennes, France

Adress: Private

On the 11th of mai I Will celebrate my birthday and I world love to do It watching the competition with friends.





Voting for your favorite competitor to go to final took place between May 4th and 5th.

Now the finalists have been selected, and announced on our website and you can find them on this page Finalists Artist. 

In addition to the streamed finalists, we will also feature live acts on stage. Among them will be Palestinian popstar Bashar Murad, the performance group Moria, and DJ duo BLNDNS (Blannedans).
Plus, be prepared for at least one surprise guest appearance!