Funded by the crowd

As an alternative to the Eurovision Song Contest we’ve established FalastinVision – The Genocide Free Song Contest. Through music and culture we’re creating an international platform to express solidarity with Palestine and Gaza, advocating for justice, peace, and liberation.

To achieve our mission, we need your help. That’s why we’ve started a Gofundme.

We’re a grassroots movement led by human rights activists who started this journey in February. Then we only had a common vision and the determination to do something to give hope and energy to the movement for a free Palestine. Despite starting from scratch, we’ve rapidly expanded and now have the attention of international media and contestants from several countries singing for Palestinian liberation.

From the start, we wanted to do this with as little cost as possible. Relying on volunteers and pro bono contributions. There are however some expenses that are unavoidable to make FalastinVision. And we don’t want to be forced to scale down the event because of lack of funding. We want to do this the right way for the movement and everybody investing time and effort in making this happen for Palestine.

Anyone is welcome to support our initiative through this crowdfunding effort. All the money will go to expenses covering the cost of making FalastinVision happen. Any funds that exceed the expenses will be donated to a charity for Gaza.

We let you choose on social media between
-Nordisk hjälp/Nordisk Help
-Doctors without borders

And we will now be giving the exceeding funds after expenses to Doctors without Borders.

Mattias Poulsen, whose name is on the Gofundme is a volunteer connected with FalastinVision. 

Support FalastinVision.
Stand with Palestine.
Stop the genocide.

To see more about the event follow us here and on our social media platforms