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I wrote my feelings down, I
then asked musicians who stands on the right side of history if we can turn it to
a song. I was lucky to meet Birk Bream who was very interested in the idea and
we started working on it immediately. We are very happy about our song and
hope all free souls will like it.

When I heard about FalastinVision I immediately wanted to support the idea and
participate. I wrote the song Angel’s Can’t Be Killed especially for the occasion.
The song is about how seeing the ongoing genocide in Gaza, live on my phones, my
world view is completely broken. How can this go on, what sort of word do we live in?
There is no way to unsee what we have seen and the fight for a free Palestine must
continue with full force until Palestine is free. And justice is served. There is no way back.

It’s 2024 and they are still talking about “war crimes”, when a war itself is a crime against humanity. Our song is an old fashioned protest song, to anyone who feels that we must stop the war and free Palestine. Even when we don’t know how, we can still sing together, raise our voices for free Palestine and raise our voices against the war.  Because they can’t kill a song.

The song is a reggae tune about the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Besides condemning the atrocities committed by the occupation it has kind of a motivational feel to it, describing how people all over the world go to the streets in solidarity with Palestine. We hope it can help strengthen the resistance. 

I had originally written this song back in 2023 after feeling incredible anger and frustration with the ways
that prominent TERFs would claim that the harmful actions they take against the trans community, which
have already resulted in the deaths of multiple trans youths, were justified as a means to “protect lesbians.”
After October, the song took on a much deeper meaning as the Israeli government kept insisting that
committing a genocide against Palestinians was the only way to keep Jews safe. As someone with both
Arab and Jewish heritage, I found these statements to be disgusting. There is no justification for the
murder or tens of thousands of civilians in a “war.” This song is about how I am tired of having my
identities used as a pawn by people in power in order to justify their violent actions.

The song is written from the perspective of a child, a child in Gaza who has lost it´s mother and all it´s security. It also addresses the war crimes and dehumanization that the IOF inflicts on the Palestinian people. The song began when I was beside myself with anger and sadness after following the genocide in Gaza for a long time. The song was recorded with simple means in our living room

There are many artists who have expressed their support for Gaza, but there are not that many who have made songs that clearly takes a stand against the war and openly tells what it is about. 


Due to the ongoing genocide in Gaza, it was unthinkable not to write a song in solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian people.


The song title Demonize Dehumanize refers to the demonization and dehumanization to which the residents of Gaza and the entire Palestinian people are subjected, which has resulted in the ongoing genocide.


The text summarizes some of the dire statements made by Israeli officials, depicts the ongoing humanitarian disaster and highlights the necessity of an end not only to the war but to the occupation itself.

Dianne is about the everyday ravages of life under imperialism. It recounts an encounter I had with a 70-year-old American woman I met on a train ride from Oakland, California to Los Angeles. I share parts of her story—having chosen to join the US Army and be deployed to the Vietnam War, Dianne seemed to never have recovered from the trauma she experienced there. Returning home to PTSD, chronic pain, an addiction to pain pills, and abandonment by the very state she naively, as an 18 year old girl, chose to ‘serve.’ Her body and life retell the horrors of the American war machine and paint one portrait of the infinite human suffering it takes to maintain and reproduce an empire. This recording is a demo I made on my phone from a friend’s couch in Copenhagen in March 2024. This version of the song is a bit slow and exceeds the three and a half minute length. If Dianne advances to the finale, I’ll re-record a faster version that fits! : )

El Afilador is the Spanish name for the artisans who still push their carts through the city offering to sharpen kitchen knives. We spun a fantastical story about a person who takes the elevator down in her pajamas to sharpen not her knives nor her machete, but her nails, singing in flamenco style: “whoever messes with us will have problems.” The song was written as a response to attacks on LGBTQ+ and racialized people and applies to all anti-colonial struggles. 

The grotesque aesthetic is Las Marikarmen’s signature queer cyberpunk, an irreverent blend of modern Spanish urban grunge with life in a rural community.


While we don’t expect a large audience to understand our music, we nevertheless whole-heartedly support the struggle for a free Palestine, Yemen, Sudan, Kurdistan, Uyghur, Catalunya, Euskal Herria, Andalucia, Galicia, Native Americans, etc. and the right to return to one’s confiscated lands. The hetero-patriarchy that oppresses us as dissidents is directly related to capitalism, which relies on colonialism to function. Fighting this industrial military complex with the only weapons we wield well – music and performance – is what motivates all of our work.

 “F is Real” isn’t just a song, it’s a powerful message for peace and compassion. Lil Moe provides a unique and honest insight into his perspective through a perfect combination of melodies and rhymes.

This song was made to inform the ignorant and to motivate those knowing of the history of Palestine. It’s a tribute and a protest in the name of my country against the racist, genocidal ethno-state Israel. I made the beat in 2020 and started writing some bars, and four years later this song is even more relevant than ever. Every part of the song was either written, recorded or composed by me except for the sample during the bridge of the song. The sample is from the classic song “Vår Betong” released by famous singer/rapper Jacco (Labyrint) who gave me permission to use his voice recordings.

“Flowers Will Bloom” represents our sorrow regarding what happening in Gaza, Palestine,
especially the children there. About how they lost their life, their family, their home, their
friends, and how their dreams have been destroyed. However, despite all of these
unimaginable sufferings, we believe that there’s still hope remains in the heart of every
Palestinian. Yes, their hope—the thing that can never be taken away from them—and we
released “Flowers Will Bloom” to symbolize it, to show the world about it. About their
braveness. About their faith. We want to show the world that nothing can justify any of
Israel’s evil actions. Nothing can justify this genocide. We want to show that Palestine is not,
and will never be alone.
I started “Project: Flowers Will Bloom” at the beginning of November last year, driven by my
sorrow over the dystopian conditions unfolding in Gaza. Driven by the powerless feeling
that crawled upon my chest and the overwhelming sense of desperation that filled my
thoughts at that time.
It was all pain watching the news and updates about Gaza every day since October 7. I could
barely finish reading the news most of the time because the more I found out about what
was happening, the more the weak feeling dominated me. I felt like I couldn’t do anything
about it. Even at one point, I started to avoid the updates about Gaza because I could no
longer bear the pain. But it was like something you couldn’t escape. No matter how hard I
tried to avoid the news, I always found myself encountering updates on the internet and
other sources. The news came to me—the pictures, the videos, and everything else. At that
point, I realized that it kept coming to me because it was really happening right there, right
It was the thing that finally led me to learn more about the topic. I read lots of news and
articles, sought more proof and evidence, and gathered perspectives from both sides, just
so I could gain a better understanding. It was through this exploration that I found ‘’the
clarity”. Not the clarity that I understand about the entire history, but rather a clarity about
how one can either complicate or not complicate the issue at all. And no, it’s not by ignoring
the facts. It’s definitely not. Instead, it’s really by relying on the facts.
We can stop complicating it by looking at the fact that a fully armed military group is killing
thousands of people day by day. We can stop complicating it by asking ourselves one simple
question: “Can it be justified?”, and we know the answer is “No”. It cannot be justified for
whatever reason. It cannot be justified under any circumstances. Nothing can justify the
sufferings of The Palestinians.

It was also the thing that made me realize that keeping in silence is not an option. That
everyone can do something. That I can do something about this. Speak out, donate, or
anything else. Because in this situation, I believe that every little thing matters and every
voice counts—even the quietest one. Thus, I decided to start this project because music is
probably the most powerful medium I have at the time to show the world what is actually
happening there, and to send support to my Palestinian brothers and sisters.
I completed all the concepts within the first 10 days of November and then spent the next
10 days producing the instrumentation. On November 20, after finishing the instrumental,
the first thing I did was message Dill, inviting her to collaborate with me by creating the
illustration for the song. Yes, the initial idea already consisted of collaborating with an
illustrator and a vocalist. Dill was also one of a few reasons that strengthened my desire to
start this project, because she has been making illustrations and sharing the news about
Gaza far more before this project began, and one of her illustrations successfully opened up
my eyes and my heart about this entire situation. And receiving Dill’s reply later, stating that
she was willing to collaborate felt like a blessing for me.
Later, after looking for a vocalist for quite some time, I finally contacted Aksnra on Nov 29. I
feel like this song needs that kind of hauntingly beautiful vocals on top of it, and Aksnra has
that kind of vocals. We spent just under a month on the entire vocal production process,
and Aksnra’s vocals surpassed my expectations. Far beyond my expectations. Her approach
to the vocal lines and the maturity in her voice add more depth to the song. Aksnra truly
completed the missing puzzle of the song.
As I’ve mentioned before, working with Dill and Aksnra has been a blessing. We share the
same spirit and vision, and we are all pouring our hearts into this project. Despite having to
do it all online because we live in different cities each other, everything going flawlessly,
except for one moment when I got a health problem in December 2023 that led us to the
delayed release of the song. The song and the official illustrated video were finally released
globally on Feb 7, three months after the project started. We also agreed to donate all the
profits generated from the streams and purchases of this song to Palestine.
Not only is “Flowers Will Bloom” a manifestation of our support for Palestine, but it also
serves as a call to those who may not yet be aware or are still contemplating their stance.
We wanted to show them that we can care about this issue without needing extensive
reasons because the reason is already there: that we are all human. It’s not about religion,
race, or nationality anymore. It’s just about being a human in its basic form with basic
human instinct that we feel hurt watching innocents get murdered and followed by
unimaginable suffering to the rest of them. That we feel the pain watching countless of
children get slaughtered every day and the rest of them have to see their future shattered in
front of their eyes.
“Flowers Will Bloom” was created for Palestine, but we believe this song can also stand up
against every kind of human cruelty in this world. The flowers will bloom, the truth will
prevail, their hope, our hope will breathe life into reality, and any action driven by hatred
will never triumph over love. Love will win at the end of the day!

We have written this song to express our deep frustration and sorrow over what is happening in Gaza, as well as the ignorant attitude of those in power towards it. However, we also feel that there is a great fighting spirit among the people, and we want to contribute even more to that fight through this song. Our hearts beat for freedom and justice, and the most important thing we can do in this fight today is to stand up for the Palestinian people. There is no one stronger than them, and one of us is Palestinian with family in Gaza.

We do not want the world to turn a blind eye to what is happening there. Political leaders and society at large must act to stop the suffering and show their support for the people in Gaza. With the power of music to touch and inspire, we hope to reach a wider audience and motivate people to make a difference. Show your actions for the people in Gaza; it is the first step towards a free Palestine. We know that it is not easy to change the world, but together we can do it, we can make Palestine free.


As a musician, the only way I can express what I feel is with a song. That’s why I composed
It was my way of expressing the love I have for Palestine, and my way of condemning the
injustice that is happening to the Palestinians. I want my song to give them hope cause I
know they’ll be victorious.

I’m BAQ, and I’m an American citizen. My role in the ongoing suffering of innocent people is neither oppressor or oppressed; I am complicit — uniquely horrible in its own way. Every American, whether they’re aware of it or not, has contributed in some way to the very crisis we are pleading comes to an end. A responsibility that comes from this is unlearning the ways our habitual consumerism and participation in capitalism funds the death and oppression of Palestinians. Many people around the world (not just Americans) spend their lives thinking of reasons to remove themselves from meaningful change or action. How many excuses can we make? How much longer do we think our problems on this side of the planet possibly outweigh the suffering we’ve allowed to happen? And to some, the solution is to watch it all burn — but should we?

The song “If”  is in the same philosophy as “Give peace a chance”.

Ordinarry people don’t want war. The wars are caused by unscrupulous powersick leadres with no consious.

And every stranger is a friend.

Halva låten, de första 12 raderna av första versen skrevs för ca 10-11 år sedan när jag studerade. Versen förblev samma nu men de sista 4 raderna och andra versen skrev jag i Oktober förra året nästan direkt som Israel började prata om “självförsvar” och döda Oskyldiga i Gaza.

Varför jag skrev för över 10 år sedan var både för Palestina samt alla andra länder som väst har attackerat i Mellanöstern och världen runt. Den handlar om rasism i ländernas krigsföring redan sedan flera år sedan, men som är sjukt mycket tydligare nu för fler människor, man kan tydligt se hycklerin när man ser att man kan vifta fritt en flagga för Ukraina (som jag tycker helt okej) men inte för Palestina? Eller bära Palestinasjal, då blir man utsatt, utpekad eller bannad / blockad från möten, jobb, riksdagen osv. Är det demokrati? Är det frihet till 100%? Nej

Låten handlar om imperialismen och Kapitalismen och hur Sverige även är en del i det hela. Svenska vapen och svensk utrustning finns utspritt överallt i flera länders krig och konflikter. Låten handlar om hur de matar oss med lögner genom TV nyheter och filmer (eller inte visar hela sanningen) om våra länder och konflikterna världen runt.

Låten handlar både om nutid men även om vår historia, hur västvärlden förslava och koloniserade andra länder och byggde sina länder på andras död men det räcker nu, sluta med all krig, vi måste ställa oss upp, befria Palestina sen befria hela världen det räcker nu med allt död och lidande överallt. Första versen sitter verkligen i hjärtat då den är sorgligt skriven men till ett reggae-beat med fart och takt utav “kamp”, och det är just det som är meningen, att de sorgliga ska ge oss energin i kampen därför en sorglig text blir ett mer uptempo låt.

Refrängen är inspirerad av vad man ropar på demonstrationerna. Och “Free free” från engelska på deras demonstration sen efter “Palestina” på svenska.

Beatet/musiken har producenten Fiboss lagt till en hel del saker, särskilt refrängen. Hans röst finns även med bakom min röst lite i refrängen och vi har tagit sample “Leve Palestina” från Kofia (med tillstånd) och “länge leve Palestina” på en funktionär med gul väst som skriker i en Palestina dem. Introt la vi tal av Sveriges gamla statsminister Olof Palme, för just den delen av talet kände jag hörde hemma här som intro. Fiboss har även mixat och mastrat låten.

Länge leve Palestina handlar om exakt vad den heter och frihet även till alla förtryckta världen runt “Ingen fri förens alla är fria, så säg Free free Palestina”.


I wrote Marhaba after I had worked in the West Bank

I was there to start a jazz education

After I was invited to the Palestinian music festival

Jerusalem Festival I wrote the song

I didn’t write the song in protest, it was an actual realization of love, peace and a liberated Palestine.”

 I have sung it in Palestine Middle East Africa Europe South America

The song is meant to spread knowledge about Palestine and what the palestinian people go through.

This song, Press Vest, is dedicated to the journalists in Gaza. Seeing the horrors being committed each day is enough to make anyone lose their faith in humankind but time and time again the courage, compassion and kindness of the press in Gaza has restored our faith in humanity.

Their bravery in documenting this genocide has been a huge factor in driving the global momentum that we’re seeing in every town and city across the world. They truly are an inspiration.

Our group is made up of Irish people and Palestinians living in Ireland. Whether through the sense of solidarity through common struggle that Ireland and Palestine have shared for years or through direct ties to the land of Palestine, we’ve all come together to show our solidarity, resist through art and salute the journalists in Palestine who stand up to a military force with a phone, camera or press vest.

Song Not allowed to be sung – Artist Not allowed to compete



This artist is missing from FalastinVision.
Due to the silencing and threats on outspoken voices of artistic and cultural resistance this artist was forced to withdraw. This time it was an artist from occupied Palestine and the disappearance of their content is just one example of the systematic silencing of artists and activist all around the world.

FalastinVision is a platform and a voice for the struggle. By supporting FalastinVision you are one of us. This page is a tribute to all artists in the struggle, together we vow to never be quiet.


It’s a song dedicated to tatreez, the history it carries, and its general beauty. Inspired by watching the documentary ”Stitching Palestine”, which contains the stories of twelve different women, including Leila Khaleed, and their relationship with tatreez.

The motivation behind my song is pretty simple, its to honnor the palestinians who during the last
seven months, and before that, the last 75+ years, have gone through trials, hardships, oppression,
and horrors that would break the spirit of everyone I know. Yet they persist. That is what my song is
about at its core.
A lot of the lyrics for example, are heavily inspired by quotes or statements said by Palestinians on

the ground in Gaza during the last 7 months. Just as some of the pictures we’ve seen can’t be “un-
seen” some of these phrases I decided to base the chorus around have had the same effect.

To try and really show what is happening in Gaza, I also made the music video the same way. I
picked different videos that fit the message of the song, and in some cases i even managed to find
the video where the phrase I used originated from. Some things got a little “reworked” to better fit
in to a rhythm or a melody but i tried to convey the humanity behind these words the best I could.
This thing was very important, seeing as one of the key points in the occupation’s propaganda is to
dehumanize Palestinians. I wanted to use my voice and music to combat this narrative and instead
show how they couldn’t be more wrong.

I had an idea of a soft, old fashioned protest song when Russia started a war against Ukraine but I was so out of my comfort zone that I couldn’t finish the song, even though I think this time needs protest songs more than ever.

When the situation in Palestine and Gaza tightened at the end of 2023, I had an urgent need for action, I needed to do something, anything. 

I asked  help with the songwriting from Katja Luhtala, a dear friend, colleague and an activist.

The song started to form, it is a view from here to there, a view how it feels to watch the news, witness a genocide through a screen, day after day, feeling helpless and unable to help. Following doctors, reporters and other accounts through social media, fearing the day when the screen turns black and there’s no one there.

We had writing sessions together from January to March, and it was Katja who found Falastinvision from Instagram and made me take part in it. 

I’m really happy and grateful that you are organizing Falastinvision, I think it’s very needed and hopefully helps the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. I’m very proud to be part of it.

I think the most important thing is to just participate and I’m curious about the number of songs and videos sent. 

I don’t know yet how, but we must stop the war. This madness has to end. They can kill people, but they can’t kill memories or a song. Songs and loved ones are remembered. 

I wish that this song could ease an aching heart or anxious mind. 

If you feel there’s nothing you can do,  you can always sing along.


I wrote this song To tackle the mainstream media bias including the BBC who are showing Eurovision here in the uk. They have dehumanised Palestinians and other people from arab countries for many decades, shown bias towards Israel and shown double standards around support for Ukraine in their war with Russia and not shown the same support for Palestine who are been subjected to a genocide. 

This song is to show the world Palestinians are human, the strength and Resilience they have in the face of the genocide being committed by Israel. This song also celebrates the jobs and skills Palestinians do. 

I have been heavily  involved in campaigning for Palestine especially in the last 7 months. I would listen extensively to speeches, go to meetings on Palestine, read books and watch lots of videos. 

I developed the chorus first around the humanity of Palestinians which is often forgotten about.

Then I wrote the first verse about mainstream media bias and how Palestinians are portrayed. Exposing The lies in the media propaganda.

 I then did further research about the jobs Palestinians do and skills that they have. This took hours to fit the words that rhyme into the right place.

 I followed this by writing the 3rd verse which shows the strength and Resilience of Palestinians. After I completed the songwriting process I went to the studio and recorded the first mix of the song. 

I then listened back to the song and thought it was missing something. 


I Then asked my friend Emma- stage name EMA if she would like to help with the song and she was fully on board with the message of the song. She came to the studio to record vocals for the chorus and also backing vocals for the song.  I knew with her strong voice she would help enhance the song. 


Over 3 studio sessions at musical vision in Aberdeen and with lots of help from our producer Rocha who produced the track for us, spent time mixing and offering his expertise. 

The song has been released on bandcamp with all money being raised going to medical aid for Palestinians. It is also available on most streaming services like youtube and Spotify. 

As artists we can use our voice to call out injustices in the world. Free free palestine.

This song, Toivo, is about the importance of having hope. It is really important to keep hope up even when the times are dark and even if things are looking very difficult. Everyone can do something for a better world. Everyone’s voice matters. 

I will perform this song on 5th of May as a part of the Pro Palestinian Family March in Helsinki. I am looking forward to it! I get empowered when I see people marching for Palestine. 

Following the events of the past 7 months, I felt a deep
need to put my emotions to work, to turn adversity into art.
So I set out on a journey of passion and purpose to create
a music video that symbolizes solidarity and resilience. As I
put my heart into this creation, it reminds me of how art
transcends borders and amplifies voices.

That’s why I decided to enter the “falastinvision” contest,
where I hope it can amplify the voices of those fighting for
justice and change. Through their stories, I want to show
the harsh reality of their everyday lives and ignite a fire of
empathy and understanding within the hearts of viewers
around the world. But awareness alone isn’t enough.
I wanted to raise money to support the Qudaih family from
Gaza in their fight for safety and freedom. I’ve been closely
following their heartbreaking story for a couple of months
now, and they’ve become like family to me. I made them a
promise to do everything in my power to save them, and
I’m fully committed to keeping that promise.

We have always stood by our Palestinian brothers and sisters in their fight for freedom, justice and human rights. For the right to live their free lives in their own country. 

After the massacre in Gaza 2014 we wrote this lullaby because we felt such sadness for the Palestinian people but above all for the murdered children and the unexplainable sadness their mothers felt 

In these lyrics, that are in Spanish, a mother is holding her child in her arms, she sings a lullaby so her child doesn’t have to hear the bombs falling from the skies. She sings about hope for the future and of her land from the river to the sea. She sings about beautiful things and for the child not to look up, that the sounds they hear are just the wind. 

With love and hope, 

Duo Pepe y Mary


In Swedish

Vi har alltid stått bredvid våra palestinska bröder och systrar i deras kamp för frihet, rättvisa och mänskliga rättigheter. För rätten att få leva sitt fría liv i sitt eget land. 

Efter massakern i Gaza 2014 skrev vi denna vaggvisa eftersom vi kände stor sorg för det Palestinska folket men framför allt de barn som blev mördade och den enorma sorgen som deras mödrar kände. 

I denna text, som är på spanska, håller en mamma sitt barn i famnen och sjunger en vaggvisa så barnet inte ska behöver lyssna på bomberna som faller. Hon sjunger om hopp för framtiden och om sitt land från floden till havet. Hon sjunger om vackra saker och att inte titta uppåt, att det bara är vinden som låter. 

Med mycket kärlek och hopp

Duo Pepe och Mary 


My song ”Tårar faller” (Tears are falling) describes the emptiness and sadness I’ve  felt ever since I learnt about how the world has turned a blind eye to the incredibly inhuman suffering the children of Palestine have been subjected to for years. As a mother of two a part of me dies every time I see the innocence of a traumatized child in Gaza because to me, it’s the same innocence I see in my own children. The people of Gaza deserve better. We have failed them and I can’t help it but to put my own family in their position which breaks me every time.


I believe the only way to peace is through understanding and seeing ourselves in other people’s suffering. With my song I’m challenging that very  thought: What if it was me?


I’ve submitted my song “Tears Are Falling” to Falastinvision, not so much to compete but more in hope to change people’s hearts and understanding. All children deserve to go to bed safe and with dreams and until that’s a reality for Palestinian kids, I will keep raising my voice for them. 




/ Mary N’Diaye 

My whole text is about palestine and questions the swedish government’s silence about the war

Being Irish and politically interested, I feel for the Palestinians. All Irish people do. We see the parallels in our history with what the Palestinians are going through today. We are proof that you can come out the other side stronger, but unfortunately no one knows how long or how dark the road is.

I take part in the protest marches when I can, sometimes with my children or friends, but it is always the same, my blood boils inside, I feel enormous frustration at how the political elite of Europe and North America appear to be bought by Israeli money, their inaction screaming at us, their complicity mocking us.

This song came about with the thought of creating a chant for the marches. The lyrics are very straightforward, cutting, finger-pointing as all protest songs should be. The music is simple so even beginners can play it on guitar – I included the chords under the video on YouTube. The song can even be sung over a marching drum, maybe a bit like “We will rock you” or a tribal Shaman or Celtic Druid.  I would like the song spread and sung with venom…the DEVIL is at our door, the children of the Devil SHALL carry this shame for generations.

The first three verses are about what is happening in Gaza, unfortunately I could have written so many more. The last verse is about the future. The Devil is going to be buried and his children, the ones who do his bidding, will carry the shame because they have taken part also, in their own way.


I´ve recorded the song on an old Tascam 8- channel mixer. What this means is that you have eight tracks to play with, so I had a backing drum on one track, two rhythm and two lead guitars, all playing off each other, bass, voice, and one  “other” track for another lower voice, the house keys, the knocking etc. I am more concerned with capturing an idea at a moment, as an artist might sketch a scene, rather than super arranging, mixing, over-dubbing etc. This can take place in a different environment. The job I do with my little Tascam is to put the foundation in place so that I remember it for future use and to capture the essence of that particular work.  I think I have done a good job here. I put together a video with the text of the song, to enforce the message and not to have any distractions. The last clip in the video is a visualisation that I found on the net, I do not know who the artist / creator is unfortunately.

This song is about a girl who describes her journey to renewal after facing trials and tribulations, likening herself to a phoenix rising from the ashes. She asserts her independence and self-centeredness, expressing confidence in herself and her abilities despite facing criticism from others. In the image of the girl, one can perceive the heroic journey of Palestine in its fight against adversity. The history of Palestine serves as the inspiration behind this song, and with the help of my friends, we crafted the instrumental to amplify its message. Participating in Falastinvision allows us to amplify the resilience and strength of Palestine’s narrative, shedding light on its struggle against injustice and oppression. Joining this platform not only amplifies the voice of Palestine but also stands as a testament to our solidarity with its people and their ongoing fight for justice and freedom.

In 2016 I sailed as a crew onboard the sailing boat Zaytouna Oliva which was part of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition. We sailed from Barcelona all across the Mediterranean sea to the coast of Gaza. 

Our journey went under the name of ‘Women’s Boat to Gaza’. We were 13 women activists onboard the vessel. We undertook this journey to highlight the occupation of Gaza. Our aim was to show support to the women in Palestine and to show the world that we will not give up and close our eyes to this continuous occupation which make the people inside Gaza loose their freedom. Freedom is a basic human right.

Our boat was confiscated by the Israeli army on international waters near the Gaza coast. We were put in prison and then sent back to our countries. 

This song was composed during the journey and all the women onboard contributed towards the lyrics. 

The video that I have submitted was recorded at a later journey in 2018 when I sailed solo on the Atlantic Ocean.