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The FalastinVision final will be held the 11th of May at the venue Plan B in Malmö, Sweden. It’s the same date as the Eurovision final so that everyone boycotting it can join FalastinVision instead.
We’re opening the doors at 16:20 CET for pre hang out att Plan B.
The program will start between 19:00-20:00 CET. 

  • Location: Plan B, Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26B, Malmö
  • Time: 11 May, doors open at 16:20 CET, the program starts around 19 CET

Keep up with the latest news in the Facebook event, and on our social media platforms.

You can watch a live stream of the show online. Click Live Stream for all the info.

Ticket sales are available through Plan B. You can check out their website or go directly to purchase tickets here!

You have the option to pay either 200 SEK, 400 SEK, or 600 SEK for the ticket. There are no differences between the tickets, only an opportunity for you to support FalastinVision. Any funds received beyond our expenses will be donated to a charity for Gaza.

Preliminary program:

20.00 Program starts
Interviews with jury members:
– Nattalie Ström Bunpuckdee, Mohamad Kiswani, Sandy Doukhi
Viewing of Moria performance
Release of a new singel for Palestine
Competition starts – voting starts
All finalists videos
⁠Bashar Murad performs
Voting closes
Counting of the votes
Winner presented
⁠DJ duo BLNDNS + dancefloor

Vote at:

Voting for your favorite competitor to go to final took place between May 4th and 5th.

Now the finalists have been selected, and announced on our website and you can find them on this page Finalists Artist.

In addition to the streamed finalists, we will also feature live acts on stage. Among them will be Palestinian popstar Bashar Murad, the performance group Moria, and DJ duo BLNDNS (Blannedans).
Plus, be prepared for at least one surprise guest appearance!

Andreas Magnusson will be hosing the FalastinVision Final 2024.

Andreas has a bakgrund in Fridays For Future and are working for climate justice worldwide.

“It is an honour to be joining the FalastinVision final in Malmö. I will be your host and am looking forward to guiding all the viewers through an amazing evening full of unifying, genocide-free music.
-Andreas Magnusson, FalastinVision Host

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